The Hindman Settlement School is located at the forks of Troublesome Creek, in Knott County, Kentucky.  Founded in 1902 by May Stone and Katherine Petit, Hindman was the first rural social settlement school in the United States.  The purposes and goals for which the settlement was founded in 1902 are the same today, namely, to provide educational opportunities for the boys and girls of this region, to keep them mindful of their heritage, and to provide community services.  The settlement is a nonprofit, nondenominational institution.

    In the early years the settlement provided most of the educational programs in its vicinity.  Many of the early instructors came from Smith, Vassar, Mt Holyoke, Wellesley, and several other prestigious colleges to teach the children of the mountains.  The Hindman Settlement School became known for its outstanding academic programs throughout the regions.  The settlement encouraged the growth of the public school system but continued to supplement educational services not available from other agencies or groups.  Students no longer live on campus.  With the advent of public school consolidation and the building of better roads in the region, every student is able to travel to school by either bus or private transportation.

    The settlement runs the East Kentucky Tutorial Program, which gives remedial education to dyslexic children through after-school programs in several counties and a six-week summer school.  The settlements also provides to the community an adult basic education/GED program, a Montessori preschool, scholarship assistance for needy students, facilities for the Knott County Public Library, meeting space for community activities, workshops on Appalachian life and culture, artists-in-residence in the public schools, community education classes, used clothing for the needy, and many other services.

Written by: Mike Mullins

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